Sana Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions for cannabis. Sana Packaging is the pioneer sustainable packaging brand in the cannabis industry in the USA. We provide wholesale marijuana and cannabis packaging solutions.


Sana Packaging is a sustainable packaging brand that designs and develops cannabis packaging for a circular economy using plant-based, reclaimed, and recycled materials.

By designing and developing cannabis packaging with reclaimed and regenerative materials, we are leading the way towards a circular economy that can help build a sustainable future and positively impact local economies – while growing your brand.

We start with materials that continue to heal the environment throughout their lifecycles, like plant-based hemp plastic and reclaimed ocean-bound plastic. Then, we tailor-make packaging solutions that are good for the environment and your brand. We provide packaging as a service and facilitate all of your custom printing and labeling needs.

As your packaging partner, we want to be part of your success and will actively celebrate and promote your sustainable decisions, provide you with marketing materials that showcase your commitment to the environment, and support your role as a leader in the movement to become better stewards of this earth.


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