Mantis Ad Network

Mantis Ads – Cannabis & CBD Advertising Made Easy. Online marketing platform for licensed cannabis dispensaries, cbd, and ancillary brands. Access premium mainstream and exclusive cannabis and CBD friendly audiences. Self-service advertising software that’s affordable and easy-to-use.


Mantis is a SaaS technology company that transforms the way advertisers and publishers buy and sell digital media. Fee transparency and exclusive inventory sources make Mantis distinctively different from other digital advertising platforms that exist today.

Mantis manages ad placements for over 90% of all endemic websites and apps, giving brands direct access to the largest audience of cannabis and CBD enthusiasts anywhere on the open web.

We built our own end-to-end digital advertising ecosystem and removed fees from every layer in the supply chain. With Mantis, agencies, brands, and publishers are saving large sums of money by avoiding unnecessary auctions, middlemen fees, and inflated rates altogether.


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